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Technology in PE blog continued:

This year I have been trying to push my teaching to a whole new level.  I have increased the use of technology to an almost absurd degree.  My students have started to blog using Kidblog.  Their initial post was simply an about me post.  Like most use of technology there have been many bumps along the way.  While Kidblog is a great forum to post blogs for my students because I can control every aspect of what is posted whether it is an initial post or someone’s comment on the post, it is a little difficult to navigate.  You have to log in twice to get to your posts and once you are logged in it is difficult to find other classes that use Kidblog.  My PLN has numerous teachers who use it so I am very lucky to have classes that I can hook up with.  Some teachers that use it are @pernilleripp, @NicholasEndlich, and @Gordonn3.  My students have been great struggling along with me as we figure out what works as well as what doesn’t.

The biggest problem I have had so far is the students are so anxious to help each other out when they are struggling.  I am constantly reminding them that they can use verbal directions to walk them through how to do something but they are not allowed to physically do the task for their classmates.  Technology is like any other skill.  Some will pick it up quicker than others, but the only way to master the skill is by doing it yourself.

The next step in the process is for my students’ to blog about why physical education is important to them.  This will help me see what they think of my class.  I will inform them that they can write they are learning nothing or what they don’t like about physical education as well. They need to understand that their point of view is important and it shouldn’t have to be filtered because I gave the assignment.

In the future we still have Edmodo, Google Hangouts, Youtube videos, and much more to learn and use in my class. Hopefully my students’ are using technology to learn and are not only learning how to use technology.